ÇØÜ magazine

Handmaking the first Issue, Berlin 2015

Inspired by the magazine Aspen, published during 1965-1971 by Phyllis Johnson. ÇØÜ will be as well published in a box, a multi-media magazine in which each issue has a different subject, collaborators, editor and designer.
44 years later, why we do it?
After experiencing a life of intense exchange of ideas and collaboration projects in Berlin, we started to question ourselves what happened with all of that exchange experiences when most of them were so ephemeral.
To contradict the volatile character of Berlin, we decided to create time capsules boxes which work as portable events platforms, or simply an unbind magazine that you can unfold, see, read, watch and listen too.

ÇØÜ is a project by Dídio Pestana and Marta Leite.